"Citadels" - board game, each whose participant takes care of about the development of the whole city. competition city planners ends when in any city there will be an eighth district, after which the winner is determined by points scored. True, it is not easy to create such a city, to make the neighbors jealous. achieve success is possible only with the support nobles, merchants and other influential persons of the kingdom.

Game Composition

  • Districts Cards
  • Characters Cards
  • Crown (Crown card)
  • Gold coins

Districts Cards

These are cards of districts and buildings that needed by every medieval city. The construction of the districts requires money. In the upper left corner of the district card in a row drawn gold coins their quantity is the price of district. So, the Tavern will cost 1 gold, the Market is built for 2 coins, and for the University you will have to pay as many as 6 gold. (!Coins in gray are not included in the price!) District type depends on print color in the lower left corner:

Yellow Noble (income to the King and the Emperor)
Blue Religious (income to the Bishop and the Abbot)
Green Trade (income to the Merchant)
Red Military (income to Warlord and the Diplomat)
Purple Special (special benefits indicated on the card itself)

You can get acquainted with the deck of districts cards at Districts Cards page.

Characters Cards

These are powerful people the state in which you build cities, players resort to their help during each round. Citadels has 8 base for the Classic version of the game and 10 extra for the extended version of "Dark City". Each character has rank from 1 to 9 which determines their turn order in the round. Rank designated in the upper left corner of the card.

You can get acquainted with the deck of character cards at Characters Cards page.


Gold is obtained in a variety of ways and is used to build districts, destroy, buy cards, and other activities in the game.

The Crown

The crown allows its owner to choose 1 character at the beginning of the round. You can only get it as a King or get it from the Emperor. To designate the owner of the Crown, a special Crown card is issued to the player.

Preparing for the game

The game owner determines the maximum number of players that can play in a game, how many character cards will be given out per player each round, how much time the player will have per turn, up to how many built districts the game will be played, as well as which version of the game to play, Classic or including the Dark City add-on. If the owner of the game wants to play only with his known players, he can make the game private and protect it with a password. Also, if the owner does not want to play with one of the players who entered the game, he can kick him. All of the above can only be done before the game has started.

Beginning of the game

After the game is declared started, after a few seconds, each player will be given a starter kit: 4 district cards, 2 gold coins, and the number of character cards that was determined before the start of the game by the owner. At the beginning of the game, the Crown has no owner.

Game process

At the beginning of each round, if the Crown has an owner, then he chooses one character for himself for the current round. The remaining characters are then randomly handed out to players. Players turn characters in the order listed by their ranks, the character with rank "1" goes first, behind him with a rank of "2" and so on until the last. A character's turn is divided into several steps:

  1. Applying an action to a character, such as being killed or robbed
  2. Using character abilities
  3. Collecting resources (2 gold or a card) and gain an income
  4. Apply properties of special districts, such as the Laboratory or the Smithy
  5. District building

It is impossible to change the order of these steps. For each of these steps, the player is given the time specified by the owner before the start of the game. If the player does not have time to make a decision within the allotted time, the system will make a random decision for him. If you chose a card during the collecting step, then you will receive a choice of 2 cards, but you have the opportunity to keep only 1. If you have already chosen a card between coins and a card, but after seeing the offered cards you change your mind and want to take coins, then you can no longer do this, you will have to choose one of the proposed cards. Also pay attention to the color of the circle with the rank number on the character card: it determines from which districts the player receives income. Income is calculated - one gold for each district of the corresponding color built. Which characters receive income for which districts is described above in the description of Districts Cards. At the end of each round, character cards are removed from the players and the round begins again.

Ending of the game

The game continues until one of the players builds the target number of districts, usually it is eight, and thus announces that the current round will be the last. The Warlord can cancel this by destroying his district and reducing the number of districts below the target. After the end of the last round, points are counted and the winner is announced. There can only be one winner, but a draw is also possible. Points are calculated as follows:

  • 1 point for each coin depicted on a built district
  • 4 points to the one who built the target number of districts first
  • 2 points to the one who built the target number of districts, but not the first
  • 3 points to those who built all types of districts (Special does not count)
  • Points are awarded related to the special properties of the Bonus districts, which give extra points at the end of the game


If you compare the rules of our online version of the game with the original, you will probably find some minor differences from the canonical original, this is due to the fact that some of the features of the original rules are inappropriate or completely unrealizable in the online version. Also, some properties of the cards have been corrected, in order to better combine their properties and the possibility of implementing more interesting game strategies. By the way, not all rules and features that can be found on the Internet are canon, so we allowed ourselves some adjustments.

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